Yoko (Tokyo) 洋子さん (東京)

20160914-_dsc7099Yoko is in the 45-54 year old age group, and is married with one child. She is a housewife, she makes a free local paper, and she is also a volunteer staff member for a local annual festival connected with dyeing and kimono . She has a 27 year kimono history. She wears kimono very often even for short trips out. She has 88 kimono. Her collection is comprised of 80% casual kimono such as komon, tsumugi or wool, cotton and 20% formal kimono including furisode and tomesode.

洋子さん 44-54歳の年齢のグループ。既婚、お子さん一人。主婦業と育児の傍ら地域のフリーペーパーの代表でもあり、地元で毎年開催される染めや着物に関するイベントでも活躍されています。着物歴27年。簡単な外出にも気軽に着物を着て出かけます。所有する着物は88枚。そのうち小紋や紬、ウールや木綿などのカジュアル着物が8割、留袖を含むフォーマル着物が2割。

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